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The 7 Best Cities for Starting a Home-Based Business

10 Apr, 2014  |  Written by  |  No Comments  |  Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Insurance

What makes a great city for starting a home business – whether it’s a hair salon, a private consulting practice, or a candle store? Some of that depends on the entrepreneur, of course. But we’ve put together some factors that could contribute to success – real-estate price per square foot, livability, energy prices, the cost of home insurance, and median household income, because your customers need to have spending money. Then we found the seven cities that scored best on those factors.
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Prepare Your Home for April Showers (and Storms)

3 Apr, 2014  |  Written by  |  No Comments  |  Home Insurance, Insurance

April showers undoubtedly bring May flowers. But unfortunately those showers also bring a barrage of severe weather threats to your home. According to the National Weather Service, thunderstorms cause more than $1 billion in property damage each year. From lightning to hail, you want to make sure you are familiar with you homeowners insurance policy and the coverage it provides. Continue reading →

3 April Fools’ Day Pranks and How Insurance Helps

27 Mar, 2014  |  Written by  |  No Comments  |  Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Home Tips, Insurance

Everyone should know by now not to believe what anyone says, writes, or does on April 1. Sometimes, however, the joke’s on you. While it’s great to have the last laugh on April Fools’ Day, some situations can get you into hot water. Vandalism of others’ personal property is no joke. Make sure you, your kids, and your friends know the difference between harmless inconvenience and criminal property damage. Continue reading →

Winter Wondering: How Bad is it, Really?

4 Mar, 2014  |  Written by  |  No Comments  |  Insurance

As Winter Storm Titan finally finishes with the East Coast, it’s time to look back on what a bad season it has been for homeowners – and home insurance providers. A number of locations in the U.S. had experienced near-record snowfalls even before Titan struck what we hope will be the final blow from Old Man Winter this year.

The damage, according to the Insurance Information Institute, is huge and growing. Continue reading →

The Jewels Behind Hollywood’s Biggest Night

28 Feb, 2014  |  Written by  |  No Comments  |  Home Insurance, Insurance

Movie stars won’t be the only things shining Sunday during the 86th Annual Academy Awards show. Over the years, the Oscar red carpet has created quite a cult following of fashion lovers and celebrity gawkers alike. Millions of viewers tune in to see the gowns, the accessories, and, arguably the main event – the jewels.

In the weeks leading up to the Oscars, the world’s finest jewelry can be found in Hollywood, ready to adorn the necks, wrists and ears of the most talked about starlets. The precious gems usually come complete with armored vehicles and their very own security guards. So why go through the trouble of loaning out millions of dollar in bling? The same reason advertisers shell out millions for the Super Bowl – to be the talk of the town.

It was in 1943 when jeweler Harry Winston first had the idea to loan his priceless jewels for stars walking the Oscar red carpet. When Best Actress winner Jennifer Jones (for The Song of Bernadette) appeared wearing Winston’s diamonds, a tradition was born. Since then, actresses have been stunning viewers on the red carpet with unforgettable gems.

It raises a question: What happens if one of these loaned pieces is broken or lost? Continue reading →

20 Questions to Evaluate Your Home Business Insurance Needs

21 Feb, 2014  |  Written by  |  No Comments  |  Business Insurance, Home Insurance

Starting a business, even a home business, is a daunting process filled with questions. For many new home business owners, insurance protection is not a top priority. It should be, however. One half of small business owners do not have adequate insurance coverage because they wrongly rely on their home insurance policies, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III).

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TV’s Best (and Worst) Home Improvement Shows

18 Feb, 2014  |  Written by  |  No Comments  |  Home Insurance, Home Tips, Insurance

Many of us can get caught up in home improvement shows. And why not? They show us the home equivalent of a butterfly transformation. In 24 hours, this dim little caterpillar of a room can become a beautiful, bright, wonderful space. The catch: home improvement shows can give homeowners unrealistic expectations. Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out that your renovation dreams are unrealistic. Continue reading →

Stranded in the Snow? Be Prepared

14 Feb, 2014  |  Written by  |  No Comments  |  Auto Insurance, Home Insurance

It has only been a short time since Snowpocalypse I, the winter storm that left thousands stranded in their cars in the Atlanta area. Now winter storm Pax is burying the East Coast and leaving residents from Atlanta to North Carolina stranded yet again as it headed north with Snowpocalypse – the Sequel.

Residents of the Northest may be more equipped for Pax’s punch, but it’s never a bad idea to go over some basic winter storm car safety tips. Whether you are picking up your child from school or just trying to make it home from work, here’s what to do if you get stranded in your car. Continue reading →

Everyday Medalists: Do You Protect What You Have?

11 Feb, 2014  |  Written by  |  No Comments  |  Home Insurance

As the Winter Olympics roll on in Sochi, U.S. athletes continue to collect medals in a variety of events.  The question remains: What happens to those medals after the games end? Some, of course, are taken home and shown off, some are cherished and forever locked in a safe deposit box, and some are donated to charity or for display in museums.

What would an athlete do if his or her medals were lost or stolen? Replacing a medal isn’t simple. Before this year, an Olympian with a lost or stolen medal would be responsible for navigating the difficult process of applying for a replica, paying $500 to $1,200 out of pocket to have it made, and keeping it safe from harm. Continue reading →