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Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Are you saving as much money as possible with homeowners insurance discounts? can help maximize your savings by pairing competitive, low rate policies with discounts available in your state.

The best thing about discounts is that you lower your homeowners insurance premiums without affecting the quality of your coverage. Our licensed agents are able to accomplish all of this by working with multiple top-rated insurance providers. With access to a variety of quotes and homeowners insurance discounts, our agents can deliver you some of the best value out there.

Check out some of the most common discounts in the chart below:

Discount: Coverage for: Do you Qualify? Possible Savings
Mobile Home
Home/Auto Package   Your home and automobile are insured with the same company Save up to 20%
Alarm Systems   Your home is protected by a burglar alarm, either locally or centrally monitored Save up to 10%
Fire/Smoke Detectors Your home has functioning smoke detectors and extinguishers Save up to 5%
Non Smokers No residents of your home smoke cigarettes nor do they use other smoking products* Save up to 20%
New Home       Your home has been built within the past 10 years* Save up to 20%
Senior Citizen You are retired, 55 or older and the home is your primary residence* Save up to 20%
No Claims You haven't filed any home insurance claims within the past 10 years Save up to 20%
H = House C = Condo R = Renter MH = Mobile Home

*Certain discounts are only available in some states. Contact a agent today to see if you qualify.

Remember, however, that certain discounts are only available in some states. Contact a agent today to see whether you qualify.

How we get your homeowners insurance discounts

When you call, you'll answer a series of questions about the location of your home and its features so that your agent can retrieve the most accurate homeowners insurance quotes for you. The agent will shop your coverage with top providers and receive up to up to eight quotes. He or she also will help you choose a policy that's the best combination of affordable premiums and great coverage for you and your family.

Here's the best part: The questions your agent asks also tell give him or her insight into the discounts you could get. You don't have to do anything else.

Homeowners insurance discounts – why providers offer them

If you're asking yourself why homeowners insurance providers offer price breaks to customers, the answer is pretty simple. They're rewarding you for doing more business with them or lowering the risk you present as a policyholder.

The chart above addresses the home/auto bundle, but that's not the only discount available for doing more business with a provider. Discounts also exist for bundling home coverage with that for recreational vehicles, boats, and motorcycles.

As for lowering risk, let's take a closer look at two categories of discounts. Homeowners insurance providers don't reward households in which there are no smokers because they're anti-tobacco – they do it because they're anti-fire. The average fire claim costs providers more than $33,000. Smoking is a major cause of residential fires. By removing a major fire cause from a home, providers stand a much lower risk of paying one of those major claims. Similarly, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers can help catch fires before they spread – making claims much lower.

The same strategy explains the discounts for home security systems and deadbolts. Both make your home much less vulnerable to burglars, so they greatly reduce your chance of filing a theft claim. The average theft claim costs insurers more than $3,200.

Remember, you haven't weakened your coverage by getting these discounts. In fact, you've increased your own safety by taking these steps. Saving money is just the cherry on top of it.

Get homeowners insurance quotes and explore discounts

If you have more questions about homeowners insurance discounts, call one of our licensed agents. He or she can answer all of your burning questions and find you multiple, competitive homeowners insurance quotes. Best of all, it's free.

Don't miss out on the quotes and homeowners insurance discounts that could be waiting for you. We've helped thousands of customers cut down their homeowners insurance premiums, and we'd love to help you too. Fill out a quote form today or save time by calling 1-877-919-3140 and speaking with a licensed agent.