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California Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Finding the best California homeowners insurance quotes isn't impossible. In fact, when you use it's actually easy! When you fill out the quick quote form above, our team of licensed agents will provide you with multiple quotes from top carriers, and help you choose the best policy to fit your unique insurance needs.

California homeowners insurance quotes: The latest

Wondering what you might pay for a California homeowners insurance premium? Check out the details of the last five policies written in California by agents. Don't forget that premiums vary according to different factors including square footage and location.

Home 1Home 2Home 3Home 4Home 5
Premium Amount $351 $344 $1,158 $467 $611
Premium with Auto Discount$298†$292†$984†$397†$519†
Carrier Safeco Safeco Liberty Mutual Hartford Safeco
Zip 95610 93433 95458 93610 95820
Year Built 1980 2004 2004 1947 1925
Foundation type Crawl Space Slab Slab Crawl Space Crawl Space
Lot Size 10,018 Sq Ft 3,659 Sq Ft 11,326 Sq Ft 7,013 Sq Ft 8,712 Sq Ft
Square Feet 953 Sq Ft 1,172 Sq Ft 2,045 Sq Ft 1,011 Sq Ft 1,280 Sq Ft
Bedrooms 2 3 3 3 2
Bathrooms 1.5 2.0 2.5 1.0 1.0

Primary Heat Source Central Gas Central Gas Central Gas Central Gas Central Gas
† Estimate if the homeowner had bundled coverages.

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Home insurance rates in California

The average California Home insurance rate in March 2014 was $625.00. These rates reflect average premiums on new sold policies by A standard home insurance policy will cover the structure of the buildings on the property, the contents of the home, liability for the homeowner(s), medical payments and loss of use expenses.

Average California homeowners insurance rates are constantly changing, which means you must track what you're paying and any available ways to save even more. Did you know that bundling your home and auto insurance policies with one provider could save you up to 20%? Or that by simply having a security system in your home can warrant savings up to 10%? Call our licensed agents today and ask about what other discounts are available.

Standard California homeowners insurance coverage

When it comes to California homeowners insurance, most residents think of dwelling coverage the part of a policy that covers the structure of the home from perils such as wind and fire. But there's more than that to standard policies. The following coverages typically are offered:

  • Personal Liability Protection: Offers help if someone other than you or a family member is injured on your property and plans to sue.
  • Medical Payments: If someone other than you or a family member is injured on your property and decides not to sue, medical payments coverage offers reimbursement for medical payments.
  • Other Structures: A standard California homeowners insurance policy would include this coverage for structures on your property besides your home such as a detached garage or fence.
  • Contents/Personal Property: Protects the personal property inside your home such as electronic and furniture. You may need to purchase extra coverage for collectibles, art or expensive jewelry.
  • Loss of Use: This coverage will pay for alternative accommodations and living expenses if you're unable to live in your home due to damage caused by a covered peril.

Don't settle for "shaky" coverage in California

The Golden State has breathtaking coastline, the rolling hills of wine country, and snowcapped mountain peaks. But the beautiful state of California also experiences earthquakes, which aren't covered by standard home insurance policies. According to the California Department of Conservation, each year California generally gets two or three earthquakes large enough to cause moderate damage to structures. If you are a California resident then you should consider adding coverage to protect your home from earthquakes. To learn more about earthquake insurance and earthquake preparedness visit the California Earthquake Authority website.

Flooding, like earthquakes, is another peril not typically covered by standard homeowners policies. If you want flood coverage you'll have to purchase a separate flood policy through the National Flood Insurance Program. All homeowners should consider flood insurance. Disasters like Superstorm Sandy prove that you don't have to live in a flood plain to be hit by a flood. Make an informed decision and learn more about the National Flood Insurance Program.

Not sure what perils are covered in your policy? It's always a good idea to review your policy and reference it whenever a question arises. Keep in mind, you can always make an adjustment in coverage to make sure your home sweet home is fully protected.

For additional information about specific California homeowners insurance laws and regulations, visit the California Department of Insurance website.