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Georgia Homeowners Insurance Quotes

If you're on the hunt for the best homeowner insurance Georgia has to offer, look no further. makes comparing top homeowners insurance policies as easy as 1-2-3. Just fill out the quick quote form above, our team will get multiple quotes from top carriers and then help you choose the best policy to fit your needs.

Recent Georgia homeowners insurance quotes

Wondering just how much you could save on your Georgia homeowners insurance premiums? Check out the details of the last five policies written in Georgia by agents. Keep in mind premiums vary according to square footage, location, features of the home, and other factors.

Home 1Home 2Home 3Home 4Home 5
Premium Amount $1,422 $906 $1,655 $599 $1,858
Premium with Auto Discount$1,209†$770†$1,407†$509†$1,579†
Zip 30019 30273 30747 30144 30241
Year Built 2004 1996 1986 1998 2001
Foundation type Basement Crawl Space Crawl Space Slab Crawl Space
Lot Size 12,197 Sq Ft N/A 161,172 Sq Ft N/A 43,560 Sq Ft
Square Feet 3,111 Sq Ft 1,500 Sq Ft 1,536 Sq Ft 1,559 Sq Ft 1,894 Sq Ft
Bedrooms 5 3 N/A 3 3
Bathrooms 3.0 2.5 N/A 2.0 2.0

Primary Heat Source Central Gas Central Gas Central Electric Central Gas Central Electric
† Estimate if the homeowner had bundled coverages.

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Home insurance rates in Georgia

Homeowners insurance premiums in Georgia were around $867.00 in March of 2014 when they increased from $862 in February. These rates reflect average premiums on new sold policies by A standard policy will cover the structure of the buildings on the property, the contents of the home, liability for the homeowner(s), medical payments and loss of use expenses.

So what do changes in average Georgia homeowners insurance rates mean for you? Home insurance rates are constantly fluctuating, which means you should always be conscious of what you are paying for home and different ways you can save. By simply bundling your home and auto policies with one provider you can save you up to 20% on your premium and a home security system can score you a discount up of up to 10%.

What's Included in Standard Georgia Homeowners Insurance

  1. Dwelling: This coverage replaces or repairs your home if it's damaged by a covered peril such as fire or wind.

  2. Other Structures: A standard Georgia homeowners insurance policy would include this coverage for structures on your property besides your home such as a detached garage or fence.

  3. Contents/Personal Property: Protects the personal property inside your home such as electronic and furniture. You may need to purchase extra coverage for collectibles, art or expensive jewelry.

  4. Loss of Use: In the event your home is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril, Loss of Use coverage will help coveralternative accommodations and living expenses while you're unable to live in your home.

  5. Personal Liability Protection: Offers help if someone is injured on your property and plans to take you to court.
  6. Medical Payments: If someone other than you or a family member is injured on your property and decides not to sue, medical payments coverage offers reimbursement for medical payments.

Preparing your coverage for Georgia weather threats

The Peach State comes complete with beautiful coastline, breathtaking mountains and charming cities. However, it also comes with some severe weather that could seriously threaten your home. While Georgia doesn't sit in Tornado Alley, it's still quite prone to twisters. The capital city of Atlanta made the Weather Channel's list of top 10 tornado cities and Atlanta alone has been hit by more than 70 tornados. Standard Georgia homeowners insurance typically comes with wind coverage and you'll want to keep that coverage in case a tornado rips through your neighborhood.

Georgia can also be victim to hurricanes and while wind coverage is usually standard, flood coverage is not. Georgia homeowners who live in an area susceptible to flood should purchase a flood policy through the National Flood Program. Click here to check whether your neighborhood lies in a flood hazard zone.

As a homeowner in the state of Georgia, you should review your current policy and see what perils are covered and which are not. An adjustment in coverage may be necessary in order to keep your home fully protected.

For additional information about specific Georgia homeowners insurance laws and regulations, visit the Georgia Department of Insurance website.