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Wisconsin Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Move forward in your search for worthwhile Wisconsin home insurance with Our agents can help you feel a little less badgered in the "Badger State" by working with multiple highly rated providers to nail down your coverage at the right price.

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Homeowners insurance in Wisconsin: Why you need it

Wisconsin experiences severe thunderstorms several times a year, along with ice and snow storms in the winter. Especially this year, the state's residents have experienced bouts of extreme, bitter cold.

Wisconsin's name means "grassy place," so it's no wonder that the state is surrounded by water. A standard Wisconsin homeowners insurance policy can protect against the perils listed above, but it does not cover flooding. Consider purchasing a separate policy through the National Flood Insurance Program if you live near a floodplain.

Home insurance rates in Wisconsin

Homeowners in Wisconsin are paying around $627.00 for home insurance as of March of 2014. Rates have increased since February when Wisconsin homeowners insurance premiums were approximately $619.00. The rate of $627/year reflects standard coverage and does not include flood or earthquake damage which is covered under a separate policy.

Wisconsin home insurance costs in your neighborhood

Comparing your rates to those of your fellow Wisconsin residents can help you determine if you're paying too much. We’ve listed the last 5 Wisconsin home insurance policies sold by below. Compare, but remember that premiums vary based on a number of factors such as individual situation and house type.

Home 1Home 2Home 3Home 4Home 5
Premium Amount $568 $431 $930 $642 $1,529
Premium with Auto Discount$483†$366†$791†$546†$1,300†
Carrier Safeco ASI Liberty Mutual ASI Liberty Mutual
Zip 53066 54482 54971 53218 53095
Year Built 1962 2007 1925 1956 1963
Foundation type Basement Basement Basement Basement Basement
Lot Size N/A 17,424 Sq Ft N/A 6,480 Sq Ft 12,197 Sq Ft
Square Feet 1,750 Sq Ft N/A N/A 1,043 Sq Ft 1,288 Sq Ft
Bedrooms 4 3 N/A 3 3
Bathrooms 1.5 3.0 N/A 1.5 2.0

Primary Heat Source Central Gas Central Gas Central Gas Central Gas Central Gas
† Estimate if the homeowner had bundled coverages.

Save on Wisconsin homeowners insurance premiums

Wisconsin may be "America's Dairy Land," but homeowners insurance in the state shouldn't cost you a lot of cheddar. It's a fact: Homeowners who adopt a DIY bent can miss out on many of the discounts for which they might qualify.

Common price breaks include:

  • Bundle: One of the easiest ways to save is purchasing your auto insurance and your Wisconsin homeowners insurance from the same carrier. You could lower your premiums by up to 20%.
  • Fire safety: Even in a state with so much water, it pays to be fire conscious. Providers typically offer a price break for homes with sprinklers or smoke detectors.
  • Nonsmoking: Homeowners also can earn savings if none of the members of a household smoke.
  • Retiree: Providers sometimes give discounts to retired homeowners, aged 55 and older.
  • Claims history: If you haven't filed a claim within the last 10 years, you could earn a price break.

Standard homeowners insurance coverage

Wisconsin homeowners insurance quotes pledge to protect more than the structure of your home. In fact, there are 6 main types of protection in a standard policy. They are:

  • Dwelling and Other Structures: Any structures on your property, whether attached to your home's structure (Dwelling) or not (Other Structures) are safeguarded by your homeowners insurance policy.
  • Personal Property: Your policy protects the contents of your home up to the limits of your coverage. You may need to schedule an endorsement for certain high-value items.
  • Loss of Use: When a covered peril such as wind, hail, or fire damages your house and forces you to move out while repairs take place, your provider can help pay the hotel and restaurant bills that you accrue.
  • Personal Liability: If someone sustains an injury on your property and takes you to court, home insurance can help pay for your legal costs and the final judgment.
  • Medical Payments: Your policy can help pay the medical bills of a non-family member who becomes injured on your property but who doesn't take you to court.

For more information, see the Wisconsin Department of Insurance.

Home insurance rates in your city

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