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Homeowners Insurance Premium Report

What do your neighbors pay for homeowners insurance? How does your premium stack up? Check out the Homeowners Insurance Premium Report, an interactive map that provides a real-time snapshot of average rates nationwide, to get a better idea of what you should pay.

Average Home Insurance Rates For US States

  $1100 and up
  $900 - 1099 /year
  $700 - $899 /year
  $500 - $699 /year
  $300 - $499 /year

Average US Home Insurance Premiums

Mar 2014$818.47
Feb 2014$806.33
Jan 2014$812.54
Dec 2013$792.73
Nov 2013$824.90
Oct 2013$813.67

Source: © 2014

Reading the map: What it means for you

Hover over a state and you'll see the average rate; click on the state for more information about it. Many factors contribute to each resident's individual homeowners insurance premium:

  • Geographic location: If you live in Tornado Alley, a hurricane zone, or other high-risk locations, you might have higher home insurance rates than other areas of the country with lower risks.
  • Local construction costs: Typically, the more it would cost to rebuild your home after a total loss, the higher your home insurance premium will be. Our homeowners insurance calculator can help you determine how much it will cost to rebuild your house if it is a total loss.
  • Local insurance requirements: Homeowners insurance isn't required by law like auto insurance, but it is regulated at the state level. Available coverage and prices vary by location. Click on your state on the map above or call a licensed agent to learn more about variations in home insurance.

Know when your average rate changes

The Homeowners Insurance Premium Report reflects three-month averages for premiums, so you can keep an eye on average rates to get the best deal possible. If you live in one of the states with higher rates, make sure you're getting the best coverage for your money, as well as every available discount. If you live in a state with a lower home insurance average, call now to lock in low monthly payments before they rise again. Call a licensed agent for a fast, free consultation to help you make the smartest decisions about your policy.

Do you overpay?

Use this map to see how much your fellow residents pay for coverage, and to find out how your premium compares. You could be paying too much. If your premium exceeds the state average, call a licensed agent to compare rates, and to help you lower your monthly payments. Click your state on the map to learn more about local homeowners insurance rates, coverage, and available discounts.

Are you covered?

Is your premium substantially lower than the state average? There is such a thing as a premium that is too small. A premium hundreds of dollars below the state average might not be as great a deal as it sounds – you might leave your home exposed. For example, a $400 homeowners insurance policy in Tornado Alley probably won't cut it. You might prefer lower monthly payments, but when the clouds roll in- you'll wish you'd invested more in your protection. Call a licensed agent if you notice large discrepancies between your premium and the average.

Dig deeper into home insurance rates by state

To get the average home insurance premiums for policies sold in the past 3 months, click on your state from the list below. You'll also get more information on homeowners insurance quotes in your area, as well as coverage and discounts.

About the Homeowners Insurance Premium Report

The average premiums listed on this report are the average premiums sold to customers over the past three months in each state. is part of the, LLC marketplace, selling home and auto insurance nationwide. Our carrier partners include such leading insurance providers as Travelers, MetLife, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, The Hartford, Safeco, Foremost, Progressive and ASI. The rates listed on this page are average rates for all customers and do not represent a quote for coverage. Quotes for new policies will vary.