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Georgia’s Safest Cities from Severe Weather

The state of Georgia is no stranger to severe weather, though the biggest event occurred in 1893. The Sea Islands Hurricane swept through Georgia with a storm surge of 16 feet in August that year, claiming the lives of as many as 2,000 people. Though 122 years have passed, the Sea Islands Hurricane still holds the crown for the worst natural disaster in the state. Read More ›

Summer Safety Guide for Your Dog

From throwing food on the grill to relaxing by the pool, summer months generally lead to spending time outdoors. If you’ve got a furry friend in your life, you are probably trying to capitalize on the nice weather with longer walks and extra games of fetch. Read More ›

Make a Homely Space Homey

The graduation caps have been flung into the air. For many recent grads, that means it’s time to find your first grownup job. Landing said job can often mean moving to a new city and securing an apartment of your own. Read More ›