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How to help keep your home germ-free this season

The Fall season means the changing of leaves, shorter days and inevitably…cold and flu season. If you have school age kids in your home, you know more than anyone how easily germs spread. Here are a few tips for preventing trips to the doctor this season:

Sanitize- It’s a good idea to sanitize areas of your home where germs can be most easily spread. Use an anti-bacterial cleaner to regularly wipe down door knobs, bathroom surfaces, cell phones and computer keyboards.

Sleep In- Studies over the years have consistently shown that those who get less than seven hours of sleep nightly are two to three times more likely to catch a cold than those who get eight or more.  Why? Because a well rested person typically has a stronger immune system that is more capable of fighting off sickness.

Vitamins- This is not the time of year to be skimping on vitamins. Make sure everyone in your household is taking an appropriate multi-vitamin to help strengthen their immune system.

Flu shots- The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all children receive a flu shot even if they got one last year, according to recent release by the organization. Yet, the flu shot is not just for kids. Protect your self from flu germs spreading through your office and home by getting a flu shot at your local pharmacy or doctors office.

Steer clear- While we don’t expect you to go to work in a plastic bubble, it is a good idea to stay farther away from others than usual especially around the office and in school. Carry hand sanitizer to help protect against germs and be cautious about inviting people into your home who have recently been ill. You may feel slightly anti-social, but if it prevents sickness from spreading like wildfire through your family, it will be worth it.