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9 Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving into a new home can be stressful for anyone, especially for small children. Here’s how you can ease the transition and make your new home a happy one.

  • Location, location, location: Find a safe neighborhood with plenty of children of similar ages to your family’s, and make sure the house is in a good school zone.
  • Play it again, Dad: A neighborhood pool, playground, basketball and tennis courts can help get the kids excited to move. Find out what kind of recreational and other social opportunities will be available for your kids.
  • We have no secrets: Explain to your kids several reasons for moving, talk about cool things at the new house (“it has a huge back yard,” etc.). Give them a timeline. Have them ask questions.
  • Time is on your side: Try to plan the move for the summertime when the kids aren’t in school and give them several weeks or months to prepare for the move.
  • Rooms to go: Label boxes clearly and organize them by room. Keep everything that goes together as close together as possible.
  • Out with the old: Get rid of old toys and clothes the kids have grown out of. Have a yard sale or donate them to a second-hand store.
  • In with the new: Help them pack up their old rooms in an organized manner and let them decorate their new rooms to really make them their own.
  • A little help from their friends: Throw a party before you leave so everyone can say goodbye – and exchange contact information. Create pen pals and help them arrange visits at the new house.
  • I’ll be box: To you, it’s a cube of cardboard. To them, it’s a spaceship or home base.

Follow these tips and instead of hearing, “I don’t want to move,” you’ll be hearing, “Are we there yet?”