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Are You Dreaming of a Green Christmas?

The holiday season is a time for giving to others and being thankful. However, the true meaning of the season often gets hidden by the excess of it all. From the piles of wrapping paper strewn all over the living room on Christmas morning to the smorgasbord of food crowding the dinner table, overindulgence is a common theme in the months of November and December.

While it’s nice to eat, drink and be merry, there are ways to enjoy the season without being wasteful. Christmas is near, so here are a few last minute things you can do to make your holiday a bit more environmentally friendly.

Recycle wrapping paper

After the little ones barrel down the stairs and rip open all their presents, the room is left in a sea of torn up wrapping paper. In most households, all that wrapping paper typically ends up in the trash. However, most wrapping paper can be recycled.

You can even keep bows and bags to reuse again next year, which not only cuts down on waste but helps you save money.

Recyclable holiday cards

Thinking about sending out a last minute Christmas or New Years card? Look for cards that use recyclable, sustainable materials. According to Hallmark, 1.4 billion cards are sent each year. That’s a lot of paper.

While it’s nice to send love to family and friends, be thoughtful of the type of cards you plan on sending. E-cards are a nice, eco-friendly option as well. Plus, you won’t have to pay for a stamp!

Buy organic and local food

Planning on having the entire extended family over for Christmas dinner? Be mindful when planning out your menu. Opt for ingredients that are organic and local. Why? They contain less harmful chemicals and they support sustainable practices, which is better for Mother Earth.

Sure, buying organic and local typically comes with a higher price tag, but isn’t it worth it to feed your family healthy, quality food.

Opt for LED holiday lights

Whether you are doing some last minute Christmas decorating or plan on stringing up some lights for New Year’s Eve, you may want to consider using LED holiday lights. At the very least, you can pick some up on sale after Christmas for next year.

Sure, holiday lights are festive and beautiful but, unfortunately, they can also drive up quite an energy bill. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LEDs are safer and longer-lasting than regular holiday lights.

Opt for an organic tree

Sure, you know they make organic foods but did you know you can even purchase an organic Christmas tree? Organic Christmas trees are a great option because they are free from harmful pesticides. Again, this may be one to put on your list for next year.

A pesticide-free tree makes for a greener environment and safer, healthier home for your family. Make sure to do your research before hunting for the perfect tree because organic Christmas trees won’t be found at every tree lot.

Having a green Christmas that still incorporates your favorite traditions is possible. Just make sure you consider how your festivities might affect the environment around you. Every little bit helps with making things positive for the future.