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Arthur Murray is a senior editor for HomeownersInsurance.com. He has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1979 with a B.A. in Journalism.

Articles from Arthur Murray

Can You Pass Our Homeowners Insurance Quiz?

Many people purchase home insurance when they buy their houses, then throw the policy into a drawer never to be looked at again – unless they need to file a claim. But the time to get to know your home insurance policy isn’t after you suffer a fire or other type of damage. (more…)

The Case for Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance

To our readers: This is the winning essay in the HomeownersInsurance.com scholarship competition. It was submitted by Robert Flowers, a junior at the University of Central Florida in Bradenton, Fla. (more…)

Your Essay Could Be Worth $1,000

Calling all college students: HomeownersInsurance.com can help you finance your education. We’ve launched an essay contest – the winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship. (more…)

Winter Wondering: How Bad is it, Really?

As Winter Storm Titan finally finishes with the East Coast, it’s time to look back on what a bad season it has been for homeowners – and home insurance providers. A number of locations in the U.S. had experienced near-record snowfalls even before Titan struck what we hope will be the final blow from Old Man Winter this year.

The damage, according to the Insurance Information Institute, is huge and growing. (more…)

Why You Should Consider an Umbrella Policy

You don’t have much choice about buying home insurance – your lender likely made it a condition of your mortgage. You don’t have much choice about buying auto insurance – every state but one requires you have liability insurance, some require uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and your lender will mandate that you have collision and comprehensive coverage. Health insurance? There’s that new federal law you may have heard about. Life insurance? Your family’s future is at stake.

But you do have a choice about buying an umbrella insurance policy – even if you don’t know what the term means. (more…)

How to Deep Fry a Turkey Without Risk to Your House

The most dangerous household fire day in the U.S. is … that’s right, Thanksgiving. Between all the cooking and sleeping and football and eating and company and yes, drinking, it’s not too surprising. Things in and on the stove can get out of hand pretty quickly.

Now that an increasing number of people are deep frying their turkey – and trust us, once you taste a deep-fried turkey, you’ll understand why – the danger is ratcheted up even more. Underwriters Laboratories, which judges the safety of projects, has never found a turkey fryer it believes is safe.

That’s why it pays to go into turkey frying with a game plan. (more…)

Doggone It! Why Does My Insurer Hate My Pet?

When an insurance agent asks whether you own a dog, he or she isn’t just making conversation. The answer to that question plays a role in your home insurance. That’s because dog bites account for nearly 16,500 claims against home insurance policies in 2012, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III).

The Really Spooky Part of Halloween

Halloween should be scary but fun. Unfortunately, you can find plenty of not-so-fun reasons to be scared by the holidays. Even the children dressed as princesses and superheroes can cause problems for homeowners who haven’t fully prepared for trick-or-treaters.

How have things changed since Sandy?

One year ago today, Superstorm Sandy ripped through the Northeast, slamming New York and New Jersey particularly hard. The damage total is hard to pin down. Insured losses – mostly through home insurance claims – totaled $18.8 billion. That doesn’t count flood claims, because flooding isn’t covered by standard home insurance policies. As of early September, about $7.1 billion in Sandy-related claims had been filed through the federal flood insurance program.