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Build or Buy? What’s Best in These Top Cities

You probably have a good mental picture of your dream house, but do you know whether you should build it or buy it? It’s a tough decision: We took the top 18 metros in the country with at least 45 plots of land for sale and calculated the price of buying versus building an average home. (more…)

Top 8 California Cities Most Prepared for Natural Disasters

California may be the backdrop of many disaster movies, but what about real natural disasters? We sought to answer this question: How would the state’s major metros fare when faced with a natural disaster?

We took a look at the most probable disaster types to hit the West Coast: wildfires, floods, and earthquakes, and measured each city’s preparedness. (more…)

Keep Your Boat and Passengers Safe

Summer is in full swing, meaning Popsicles, sprinklers, and lemonade. For those fortunate enough to live near water, it also can mean boat days on the lake, river, or ocean. Ensure smooth sailing by purchasing boat insurance. (more…)

Do a Risk Scavenger Hunt for Insurance Awareness Day

OK, so we know Insurance Awareness Day sounds made-up and lame, but we didn’t create it. Blame the Internet. The thing is, having the official day – June 28 – gives you a reason to step back, look at your home, and notice some of the insurance risks it poses. (more…)

Top 5 Cities Safest from Natural Disasters

You really can do something about the weather – move to places that are far less prone to the severe varieties of it. We’ve ranked the 23 most populous cities in the U.S. based on their safety from weather and other natural disasters. (more…)

5 Best Northeastern Cities for Green Commuters

The Northeast’s reputation for environmental friendliness in urban planning comes with good reason, and that reason has a lot to do with New York City. For years, The Big Apple has been a model of accessible, affordable public transportation and commuters who walk to work. (more…)

5 Best Midwest Cities for Green Commuters

The Midwest might not have the reputation for environmental friendliness of the West Coast or the Northeast when it comes to urban planning and transportation. But you shouldn’t write it off. Some Midwestern cities have stepped up their game to become leaders in green commuting, with high numbers of residents who walk, bike, take public transit, or carpool to work. (more…)