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Thawing Your Home After Hercules and Ion

Residents of most parts of the country experienced discomfort at the beginning of 2014 as blizzard conditions and lower-than-low temperatures and wind chills rolled through the nation. Winter storms Hercules and Ion closed schools, canceled flights, and chilled bones in the first week of the new year, but now it’s time to recover from the damage the storms may have caused. (more…)

Undeck the Halls Safely This Year

The presents have been unwrapped, the candles burnt down, the meal eaten, and the carols sung. The holidays have come and gone. Now the dreaded decoration takedown must begin. Though you still might feel the holiday spirit, it is imperative for the safety of your home and family that you remove your decorations in a timely manner following Christmas. (more…)

Avoid Holidaze: Be a Responsible Host This Season

Planning on hosting a Christmas or New Year’s party at your house this year? You could be held liable if your guests have too much eggnog or champagne. Most states (37) have social host liability laws that hold you accountable if drunken guests cause trouble. Be the responsible host this year, even if doing so isn’t proscribed by law in your state. (more…)

What We Learned From Home Alone

The holiday classic Home Alone shows a harried family leaving for a Christmas vacation in a rush of screaming kids, bursting suitcases, and inevitable drama. In their rush, family members make their home a target for burglars and unintentionally leave their 8-year-old son behind to fend them off. Though Home Alone is definitely fiction, and exaggerated at that, homeowners can learn much from it about preparing the home for holiday travel. (more…)

Fall Pests in your Leaves and in your Eaves

Many love fall for its colors, its holidays, and its coziness.  Remember, however, that when chilly days roll around, you may not be the only one seeking your home’s warmth. Fall critters also seek cozy protection from winter. Take the proper precaution to prevent your house from becoming a favorite winter shelter for pests. (more…)

Light Your Fire Safely

As the summer heat begins to subside and the air begins to cool, bonfires and campfires spring up across the nation. Whether your tradition includes a fall camping trip or a homecoming bonfire, make sure any fire is safely tended and contained. (more…)

Building a Dream Home to Your Advantage

You’ve saved for the home of your dreams, and you’re finally ready to build. You know all the pluses of building a house, especially the draw of complete customization. Now, make sure you take full advantage by getting everything right the first time. Building a new home could earn you discounts on your home insurance; consider maximizing your perks by following these simple building tips. (more…)

The Places They’ll Go: Sending Your Children to College

You’ve come a long way since your student picked a college. You bought the sheets and the shower caddy months ago; you’re ready to pack them – and tons of other stuff – in the car. But before the hectic, emotional hailstorm of freshman move-in, take time to think about insurance. You should understand how many of your child’s belongings your policy covers and how to protect the ones it doesn’t. (more…)

Surf’s Up, Watch Out

If it’s summer, it’s beach time. About 72% of Americans prefer to travel to the beach for their family vacation, according to a recent ABC news poll. Time at the shore can be fun and relaxing, as long as everyone stays safe. (more…)