Virginia’s 15 Safest Cities from Severe Weather

The Old Dominion can handle its fair share of severe weather. In 2004, Virginia experienced high winds, flooding, and tornadoes resulting from six hurricanes – Hurricane Alex, Hurricane Charley, Hurricane Gaston, Hurricane Frances, Hurricane Ivan, and Hurricane Jeanne – that struck over a two-month period. (more…)

10 Texas Cities Safest From Severe Weather

The Lone Star State is known for being one of the largest, most populated humid states in the U.S. It spans 268,820 square miles and has a population of 26.9 million. With such a vast area partially surrounded by water, natural disasters are inevitable. (more…)

Natural Disasters: A Look Back

With the turning of the calendar, it’s a time for reflecting on 2014 while plunging headlong into 2015. Many people set personal goals to be healthier and more active or to be more frugal with their money, but they often forget to review their insurance policies. (more…)

Have a Happy – and Safe – New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve – a day for looking backward and forward at the same time, which might be one of the reasons why it’s so fraught with danger. But it’s certainly not the only reason – too many people like to party down while they ring in the New Year. (more…)