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Decorate Like a Pro This Halloween

Whether you’re hosting a blood-curdling bash or a haunted house, you need to get your home looking as Halloween-y and frightening as possible. But using the same decorations year after year can get repetitive and boring. We’re here to help you (pumpkin) spice things up with Halloween décor tips, tricks, and treats.

Pumpkins mean Halloween

Some homeowners have more sinister tastes, while others are all about friendly holiday decorations. Either way, it’s not Halloween without at least one pumpkin. However, carving can get really involved. For the lackadaisical decorator, here are a few simpler alternatives:

  • Get your Vincent Van Gogh on. In lieu of gutting and carving a pumpkin, whip out some brushes and paint anything from a scene of a witch on a broomstick; to splattering the pumpkin with red to give the illusion of blood spatter; to painting the whole thing black and adding cat ears and whiskers or wings to turn a pumpkin into a black cat or bat. This is a fun alternative that’s doable at all ages, especially if you’re a creative soul who lacks the upper-body strength and patience to cut a scary face in a pumpkin or the stomach to scoop out pumpkin guts.
  • Branch out. Drill holes in the pumpkins to make room for bare branches where decorative crows can perch. The deserted feel that this tactic produces allows your porch to look eerie – yet approachable.
  • Glitter and sparkles. Want a more glamorous-looking pumpkin? Draw an intricate spider web design with glue and sprinkle glitter on top. The result is unique and looks fantastic.
  • Another simple, yet elegant look is to stencil Halloween-esque words onto a pumpkin such as “Boo!” or “Trick or Treat!” The more creative and punny, the better.
  • Holed up. Put a newer spin on the old notion of a jack-o-lantern by using a drill to hole out a pattern of your choosing. Using different sized drill bits and a repeating pattern will add a modern feel to the old tradition, and will look incredible when the inside is lit.

Before you head to the pumpkin patch, let’s discuss safety tips.

  • Pumpkin carving should always be supervised. No matter who is holding the knife, this activity should be handled with the utmost caution. Cuts can send a family member or guest to the emergency room.
  • We can’t drill this in enough. Be extremely careful when a drill is in use, and leave this one to the adults.
  • Paint, glue, and glitter may not be as innocent as you think. When painting or adding glitter to pumpkins with your kids, be on alert. These substances can be toxic when ingested.
  • All fired up. Part of the tradition of the jack-o-lantern is to include a candle to bring the face to life. But instead of candles, consider battery powered lights. More than 11,300 fires are reported each year during the three-day period around Halloween, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Keep your family and your guests safe by doing your part to eliminate this risk.

Avoid trips to the hospital by being on high alert when decorating pumpkins. Your homeowners insurance’s liability coverage may likely help pay for medical expenses if someone is injured at your house, but only up to its limits. Contact your local agent to find out if you have the recommended amount of liability coverage or if it would be a wise choice to add more to your policy.