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Get an Insurance Agent to be Your Valentine

OK, so dating an insurance agent doesn’t have the cachet of a doctor or lawyer. At least he’s not an accountant or writer, always more interested in numbers and words than people. Think about the following qualities:


Your sweetheart is the perfect shopping buddy, at least for home and auto insurance. Agents know where to find all the best deals and discounts so you can get what you need without going over budget.

Remembers important dates

Your beau never forgets an important date. Your agent knows your birthday and how old you’ll be this year. Insurance professionals knows cute little details about you, too – like how old you were when you first got your driver’s license and what kind of dog you have.


Forget dating a schmuck who drives under the influence. Insurance agents always wear their seatbelts and have their brakes checked regularly. Your honey will always make sure that home maintenance is a top priority, too. Exposed wires and loose shingles will get fixed ASAP.

Knows what to do in a crisis

Insurance professionals remain calm when there’s a problem. Your darling will know exactly what to do, whether your stereo has been stolen or a tree just fell through your roof.

Always available to talk

Agents work long hours. Call when you first wake up or after you get off work. And claims professionals are waiting to hear about your problems 24/7. How’s that for romantic?

Valentine’s Day is a day for love. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a day for saving, too. Combine the two by dating an agent.