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Keep Your Cool During the Lingering Summer Heat

Heat takes a toll on all of us, and we can all relate to that miserable feeling of touching a scorching hot steering wheel after the car’s been parked in direct sunlight. But this summer, let’s beat the heat.

Here are a few tips to keep your car and home cool in the summer months.

The car

While you’re at work for the day, your car is outside, absorbing all of the summer heat. At the end of the work day – depending on the temperature, humidity, and whether the sun is out in full force or if it’s cloudy – the interior of your vehicle could be between 20 and 30 degrees warmer than the outside air. However, it doesn’t take all day long for your car’s inside temperature to escalate. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the temperature an enclosed car will raise an average of 19 degrees within 10 minutes.

Remember to never leave children or animals in a car for any period of time when the weather gets warmer. But if you want your car to stay a little cooler while you’re at work, consider:

  • Parking in the shade. Whether you find space in a parking garage or under a large tree, parking in the shade will greatly reduce the temperature your car reaches throughout the day. When the sun moves, consider moving your car, too.
  • Work the angles. If it’s not possible to park in the shade, park in a space that angles the back of your car toward the sun. Doing this prevents the sun from coming through your windshield and heating your steering wheel, the front seats, and anything else you touch when you sit in the driver’s seat.
  • Tint or cover your windows. Blocking the sun rays will help keep the internal temperature from raising so much. This can be achieved by investing in tinting your windows or buying window covers.
  • Crack the windows. Cracking just two windows will allow for air to flow through the car and keep it cooler.
  • Purchase cooling seat covers. You know that unpleasant feeling of wearing shorts and sitting on leather seats in a car in the summer? Keep the scorched thighs to a minimum by investing in cooling seat covers.

Also, before sitting in your car, let the air conditioning run on full blast for a few moments to lessen the heat wave you’ll encounter when first sitting in your vehicle after a long, hot day.

The home

Running the air conditioning to cool a larger space such as an apartment, condo, or house can get pretty pricey. To keep your living quarters cooler sans AC, consider the following tricks:

  • Keep the blinds closed. Sunlight penetrates windows and subsequently heats interior spaces of homes and cars alike. Preventing this from happening by closing the blinds will keep your space cooler.
  • Close off rooms that aren’t in use. Shrink your electric bill by closing vents in and shutting the doors to rooms that aren’t often used. This will keep the air flow moving through the main parts of the space.
  • Use fans to your advantage. Set your ceiling fans to spin counter-clockwise and at a higher speed. Doing so moves a breeze around the room and helps it feel cooler. You can also position a fan in any room in your home and angle a bowl of ice so that the fan will blow out chillier air. And one last fan tip: keep your bathroom fans on to pull out warm air.
  • Use the grill instead of the oven. Cooking your meals in the oven will release hot air into your place. Using the grill more will keep the heat outside where it belongs.
  • Sleep with your windows open. We all know that the temperature drops at night. Let the cooler air flow through your home by opening your windows while you’re sleeping to your home’s temperature down.
  • Pay attention to your body. Drink lots of ice water and place cool, damp wash rags on your neck and wrists to keep your internal temperature at bay if you’re serious about foregoing AC.

These simple hacks will help to make the summer months more pleasant, both at home and in your vehicle.