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Wedding Insurance: Why You Should Insure the Best Day of Your Life

Most soon-to-be newlyweds can’t fathom needing wedding insurance. After all, folks won’t pledge to get hitched if they think something might go wrong. This is a common misconception. Wedding insurance, also known as special event insurance, protects lovebirds from far more than just cold feet. There are a variety of reasons a wedding might require coverage:

  • The bride and groom refuse to get married without their parents. Suddenly, the father of the bride has a heart attack and won’t be out of the hospital until after the wedding.
  • The groom suffers a concussion while surfing the night before his destination wedding.
  • The caterer’s fridge breaks and the shrimp appetizers go bad.
  • A hurricane hits the island where the reception is taking place.
  • The band is a no-show at the reception.
  • The church accidentally double-books for the weekend.
  • The boutique goes out of business before alterations are made to the bride’s dress.

A simple special event policy will only cost you around $125. Fancy weddings, with designer gowns and beachfront ceremonies, will obviously require more coverage. Deluxe policies will run a couple closer to $400. Given the thousands of dollars a couple could easily lose from a cancellation, $400 is a small price to pay for peace of mind. With special event insurance, a policyholder might even be able to get his or her deposits back.

Many venues require people to possess some liability insurance before booking. Liability coverage exists just in case Uncle Rick rips a curtain or Cousin Lucy knocks over an expensive vase. Extra riders are available as well. Riders are useful for protecting particularly large expenses, such as the bride’s dress, wedding gifts and honeymoon airfare.

Enjoy the moment instead of worrying about the cake melting in a faulty fridge. Call an agent today about wedding insurance.