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What Dangers are Lurking in Your Closet?

Being fashionable is fun, but trends can sometimes take things too far. Some articles of clothing are actually detrimental to your health. Be careful of what clothing you choose to buy and wear, and watch out for the following items.

Skinny jeans

Super tight jeans have been in style for both women and men for some time now, but some pairs can be so tight that they restrict your blood circulation or cause joint problems in the forms of numbness, tingling, or pain – especially if you wear them often. Plus, the contortionist routine you must put yourself through to get your skinny jeans on can lead to pulled muscles.

And let’s not forget that men that often wear skinny jeans can see a decrease in virility.

Wearing skinny jeans day in and day out is the worst, so it’s important to switch up your wardrobe if you want to avoid trouble.

Your underwear

Not all kinds. Mainly Lycra shapewear such as Spanx – slimming underwear that compresses any problem areas (ex: stomach, thighs, and bum) to help women achieve an hourglass figure.

These types of undergarments squeeze everything in and can be a favorable solution when you’ve eaten a large meal and still want to look good in your fitted dress when you hit the town afterward. However, tight shapewear squeezes everything in and pushes on your organs in such a way that can lead to indigestion.

On top of that, the fitted underwear allows very little airflow, which can lead to them harboring bacteria, thus giving women yeast and/or bladder infections.

And last, but not least, these undergarments are similar to the problem with skinny jeans in that they restrict your circulation and can even pinch nerves. We recommend that you wear shapewear sporadically if at all.

Neck ties

Men; pay attention.

Tying ties too tightly can prevent arteries in your brain from properly dilating, restrict blood flow to the brain, and increase pressure in your eyes. Tight ties can increase your risk of stroke and glaucoma.


Women like to be prepared for any situation and often end up overstuffing purses as a result. No matter which way you carry a heavy handbag, you could be putting a lot of strain on your shoulders, neck, and back. That strain can even lead to tension headaches. Save yourself a trip to the chiropractor and thin out the contents of your bag.

Big earrings are a great way to spice up your outfits, but if they’re heavy, they can weigh on you. Hefty earrings can cause your ear lobes to sag, your piercing to get enlarged, and can even rip through the skin of your lobe in extreme cases. Remedying these scenarios requires the help of a plastic surgeon. Do yourself a favor and stick to small, light pairs.


One last warning: beware of adjusting articles of clothing and making them too tight. Restricting your circulation and applying unnecessary pressure to your nerves can lead to more serious issues than you simply being uncomfortable. Take it down a notch (literally).


Ahh, heels. They make your legs look more slender, but at what cost?

Heels can be difficult to walk in, especially sky-high, thin ones. Not only can they cause bunions and hammertoes, which may require surgery to rectify, they can also throw your entire body off balance, potentially resulting in an increased risk of osteoarthritis, muscle spasms, and even rolling or breaking an ankle. Save yourself pain in your feet, calves, knees, hips, and back and only wear heels intermittently.

Health and home insurance

Many of the health issues that result from your wardrobe would require elective treatments, which is where health insurance coverage can get a little dicey.

Say you’ve worn heels so much in your life that you’ve weakened your hips to the point of needing a replacement. Because this surgery technically isn’t saving your life – simply improving your quality of life – insurance providers may dub the replacement an elective surgery and may not cover it.

When it comes to your clothing, loosen up. Those skinny jeans may look fantastic, but causing your body harm isn’t wise. Though to fashion addicts that live by the mantra “pain is beauty,” our words of caution may be quickly dismissed.

Speaking of fashion addicts, they’re likely to splurge on certain items such as shoes and handbags. If your home is broken into or destroyed by a covered peril, will your home insurance cover the replacement costs of your high-end closet? Yes, but only up to a certain point.

Contents coverage – which covers furniture, clothes, electronics, etc. – typically is set between 50% and 70% of your home’s insured value. And for more expensive items such as jewelry or furs, your policy may only have $1,000 to $2,500 for such valuables. So if you have expensive tastes, speak with a licensed insurance agent about purchasing additional coverage to keep your wardrobe safe from harm.