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Great homeowners insurance in the "Heart of Dixie" can be difficult to find, but can help. Whether you’re in Huntsville, Birmingham or Montgomery, we know your home is important. Call us at 1-877-919-2740 or fill out the form above to get a free quote.

Homeowners insurance protection from Alabama storms

You know that "stars fell on Alabama," but a lot of precipitation does, too. In fact, Alabama experiences 70 to 80 days of thunderstorms a year on average, and its location in the Southeast leaves it vulnerable to tropical storms and hurricanes as well. Parts of the state also experience frequent flooding.

The "Heart of Dixie" also has another name: Dixie Alley. The state is tied with Kansas for the most E5 tornadoes in the U.S. and experiences more tornado fatalities than any other state. No one in Tuscaloosa can soon forget the mile-wide tornado that devastated the city back in 2011. Part of what makes tornadoes so deadly here is a secondary tornado season in November and December in addition to the one in early spring.

The good news: tornado, wind, and thunderstorm damage receive coverage under a standard Alabama homeowners insurance policy. The bad: flooding and some hurricane damage do not. Residents in Mobile and other coastal cities should definitely consider purchasing a separate policy through the National Flood Insurance Program. Otherwise, you could see your home and possessions float away.

Your neighbors' home insurance rates

If you've ever wondered what others pay for Alabama home insurance, now's your chance to find out. Your curiosity could pay off because the more you know about home insurance premiums, the better idea you have about what you should pay for coverage. has listed below its last five homeowners insurance policies sold in Alabama.

Home 1Home 2Home 3Home 4Home 5
Premium Amount $2,289 $1,193 $1,176 $813 $1,511
Premium with Auto Discount$1,946†$1,014†$1,000†$691†$1,284†
Carrier ASI ASI ASI ASI Safeco
Zip 36869 35806 35761 36207 35673
Year Built 2013 1997 2001 2004 1992
Foundation type Slab Crawl Space Slab Crawl Space Crawl Space
Lot Size N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Square Feet N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Bedrooms N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Bathrooms N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Primary Heat Source Central Electric Central Electric Central Electric Central Electric Central Gas
† Estimate if the homeowner had bundled coverages.

Alabama home insurance discounts

No matter how your rates compare with those of other Alabamans, you should look for ways to save. Agents with can help you find the discounts for which you might qualify. Some common ways to save include:

  • Bundling: Purchasing your auto insurance and your Alabama home insurance through the same provider could earn a price break of up to 20%.
  • Non-smoking: If no one in your household smokes, you could save on your monthly premiums.
  • Fire safety: Smoke detectors and sprinklers could save your life, and they also could save your budget by qualifying you for a homeowners insurance price break.
  • Security: Protect your wallet along with your possessions by earning a discount for your home security system and deadbolt locks. This is important because Alabama cities such as Montgomery, Huntsville, Mobile, and Birmingham have higher than average burglary rates per capita than the U.S. norm, according to the 2012 FBI Report on Offenses Known to Law Enforcement.
  • New home: If your home was built within the last 10 years, it could earn you a price break.

Standard coverage for Alabama homeowners insurance

You may be surprised that homeowners insurance protects much more than the structure of your home. In fact, a standard policy typically includes the following types of coverage:

  • Dwelling and Other Structures: Dwelling coverage protects the structure of your home from specified perils. Additional structures on your property such as sheds and detached garages receive protection from Other Structures.
  • Loss of Use: If your house becomes damaged in a covered event and you are forced to move out while it undergoes repair, your policy can help pay for any hotel or restaurant bills that you accrue.
  • Personal Property: Your policy protects the contents of your home from theft or damage from covered events.
  • Medical Payments: If non-family members sustain injuries on your property and do not take you to court, your Alabama homeowners insurance policy can help pay for their medical bills.
  • Personal Liability: If non-family members become injured on your property and decide to sue, your policy can cover any legal expenses or final judgments.

Find out more at the Alabama Department of Insurance.

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