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Hawaii Homeowners Insurance Quotes

In the 'Aloha State,' it's time to say hello to great coverage and goodbye to high home insurance rates. Whether your home is in Honolulu or on Maui, we’ll help you get the Hawaii homeowners insurance coverage you need. Call us at 1-877-919-2740 or fill in your information above to get protection for your home – then sit back and relax.

Why Hawaii home insurance?

Tourists and visitors to Hawaii might think the weather on the islands is perpetually perfect. Residents, however, know that island life and weather isn't always so carefree. Hawaii has some unique hazards such as volcanoes and erosive landslides, along with some common ones such as thunderstorms, earthquakes, and floods.

Homeowners insurance policies will protect your home from damage caused by thunderstorms, volcanic ash, and common perils such as fire and wind. The rainy season, which typically lasts from October to April, can cause erosion and flooding, neither of which are covered under standard Hawaii homeowners insurance policies.

If you live in an area at risk for either of these hazards, consider purchasing separate policies. Earthquakes also are typically excluded from standard policies. You can check out flood insurance here.

Save on your homeowners insurance premiums

Hawaii truly is a paradise but it can get expensive. In fact, Honolulu was named among the most expensive cities in which to live by abcnews.go.com. It’s always nice to save money and you can do just that by qualifying for significant homeowners insurance discounts. If you call us or fill in your information above, our agents can make that happen for you. Common price breaks for which you might qualify include the following:

  • Home and auto bundle: When you purchase your auto insurance and your Hawaii homeowners insurance through the same carrier, you could earn a price break up to 20%.
  • Fire safety: Providers typically award discounts to those who equip their homes with smoke detectors or sprinkler systems.
  • Security: Protect your home and your wallet by installing a monitored home security system. You could earn savings of up to 10% and sometimes more.
  • New home: If you own a new house (built within the last 10 years), your carrier could lower your monthly costs.
  • Retiree: Retirees older than 55 years can typically qualify for discounts.

Standard Hawaii home insurance coverage

Homeowners insurance protects more than just the structure of your home. In fact, 6 common types of coverage comprise a standard policy:

  • Dwelling and Other Structures: The structures on your property, whether attached to your house (Dwelling) or detached from it (Other Structures) receive protection from named perils such as fire or wind damage.
  • Personal Property: Your policy also protects the contents of your home from covered events, up to your policy limits. If you have high-value items such as jewelry and furs, you may need to schedule an endorsement to make sure everything is fully covered.
  • Loss of Use: If your house becomes so badly damaged in a storm that you are forced to move out while it undergoes repair, your policy can help you pay restaurant and hotel bills.
  • Personal Liability: If someone sues you because of an injury they sustained on your property, your policy can help pay legal fees and the final judgment.
  • Medical Payments: Your policy also can help you pay the medical bills for someone who becomes injured on your property but decides not to sue.

More about Hawaii homeowners insurance quotes

For more customized information about homeowners insurance, check with the Hawaii Department of Insurance.

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