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If you're searching for North Dakota homeowners insurance quotes, don't waste your time scouring multiple websites for the best deals. At, we can become your one-stop shop for a great combination of coverage and price. Call us at 1-877-919-2740 or fill in your information above and our agents will work with multiple highly rated carriers to find your ideal quote. The best North Dakota home insurance isn’t far with

Protect with North Dakota home insurance

Why do you need homeowners insurance? One of North Dakota's nicknames isn't "Roughrider Country" for nothing, regardless of if you live in Bismark, Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot, or another city. The weather in ND, with snowy, cold winters and mild, wet summers, takes getting used to. It leaves the state vulnerable to such natural disasters as tornadoes, severe winter storms, and wildfires, along with such everyday disasters as flooding and thunderstorms.

A North Dakota homeowners insurance policy can protect against all of the above perils except one: flood damage. If you live near a floodplain, consider purchasing a separate policy through the National Flood Insurance Program. Sometimes the most devastating disasters are the ones you don't expect, so make sure you have the proper protection in place.

North Dakota homeowners insurance: ways to save

Though the word Dakota means "friend," it can be hard to find friendly prices when searching for homeowners insurance. Whether you’re in Bismarck or Grand Forks, the best way to save on North Dakota home insurance is by utilizing discounts. If you call us or fill in your information above, however, our agents can begin qualifying you for all available discounts. Some common ways to save include:

  • Home and auto bundle: If you purchase your auto insurance and your North Dakota home insurance through the same carrier, you can typically save up to 20% on your monthly premiums.
  • Non-smoking: Your provider could give you a price break if no one in your family smokes.
  • Security:Install a monitored security system in your home and you could qualify for a discount of up to 10%. This could be important for residents of Bismark, where the FBI says the burglary rate is above the national average, as well as in Fargo, where the rate is lower.
  • Retiree: If you're older than 55 years old and retired, you could qualify for a price break.
  • Claims history: When it comes to homeowners insurance, your individual history matters. If you haven't filed a claim during the last 10 years, then you could qualify for discounts.

Your neighbors' home insurance rates

Curiosity can help you when it comes to what to pay in monthly premiums. We've listed the most recent North Dakota home insurance policies sold by below. You can compare rates, but remember that policy prices also are determined using other criteria such as individual history and house type.

Home 1Home 2Home 3Home 4
Premium Amount $1,540 $1,979 $1,232 $1,371
Premium with Auto Discount$1,309†$1,682†$1,047†$1,165†
Carrier Safeco Safeco Safeco Safeco
Zip 58504 58849 58601 58103
Year Built 2006 1973 1960 1969
Foundation type Basement Basement Basement Basement
Lot Size N/A N/A N/A N/A
Square Feet N/A N/A N/A N/A
Bedrooms N/A N/A N/A N/A
Bathrooms N/A N/A N/A N/A

Primary Heat Source Central Gas Central Gas Central Gas Central Gas
† Estimate if the homeowner had bundled coverages.

Standard homeowners insurance coverage

Do you know what your policy protects? Here's a hint: your protection extends beyond simply the structure of your home. The 6 main aspects of your life that your policy covers are:

  • Dwelling: What you would typically think of when considering home insurance, this coverage safeguards the structure of your home from named perils such as fire and wind damage.
  • Other Structures: Any additional structures on your property that are detached from your home also are covered. Examples include sheds, detached garages, and fences.
  • Personal Property: The contents of your home receive protection from covered events, including theft.
  • Loss of Use: When your home becomes damaged and you need to move out while it undergoes repair, Loss of Use can help pay your hotel or restaurant bills while you are displaced.
  • Personal Liability and Medical Payments: If someone sues you due to an injury sustained on your property, your policy can help pay legal costs and the final judgment (Personal Liability). If that person decides not to sue, his or her medical bills involved can be covered by your policy (Medical Payments).

For more information about North Dakota homeowners insurance, visit the North Dakota Department of Insurance.

No reason to delay on North Dakota homeowners insurance

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