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Ohio Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Whether you live in Cleveland or Cincinnati or elsewhere in the Buckeye State, when it comes to protecting your biggest investment, you want the best Ohio home insurance available at a fair price. If you want to save both time and money, shop for Ohio homeowners insurance with HomeownersInsurance.com.

We can compare multiple quotes from top-rated providers and help you choose a policy that's tailored to fit all of your home insurance needs. Just fill out the quick quote form above and our agents will get started on helping you find a policy today.

Home insurance premiums in Ohio

The average Ohio Home insurance premium in January 2016 was $793.00. These values reflect average premiums on new sold policies by HomeInsurance.com. A standard home insurance policy will cover the structure of the buildings on the property, the contents of the home, liability for the homeowner(s), medical payments and loss of use expenses.

So what does any change in average Ohio homeowners insurance rates mean for you? Home insurance rates are constantly in flux, which means you should always be aware of what you are paying for your premium and the different ways you can save.

While elements like square footage and the location of your home have an influence on your premium and can't easily be changed, you can save money by shopping your coverage once a year and by utilizing discounts. Here are a few discounts to check out:

  • New Home: Was your home built in the last 10 years? If so, you could save up to 20%.
  • Home and Auto Bundle: Save up to 20% by bundling your home and auto policies with one provider.
  • Home Security: You can save from 5-10% if you home features a security alarm, dead bolts, or smoke alarms.
These are a few common discounts but ask your agent if you are eligible for other price breaks. It never hurts to save!

Our most recent Ohio homeowners insurance quotes

Are you wondering what your friends in Columbus or Toledo are paying in Ohio homeowners insurance premiums? Here are the details of the last five policies written in Ohio by HomeownersInsurance.com agents. Keep in mind premiums vary according to certain factors like location and square footage.

Home 1Home 2Home 3Home 4Home 5
Premium Amount $541 $491 $660 $795 $610
Premium with Auto Discount$460†$417†$561†$676†$519†
Carrier Travelers Liberty Mutual Safeco ASI Safeco
Zip 44087 45040 45694 45420 44907
Year Built 1970 1999 1963 1997 1955
Foundation type Slab Basement Basement Slab Basement
Lot Size 1,020 Sq Ft 8,346 Sq Ft N/A 7,492 Sq Ft 14,418 Sq Ft
Square Feet 1,020 Sq Ft 1,605 Sq Ft N/A 1,445 Sq Ft 1,427 Sq Ft
Bedrooms 2 3 N/A 3 2
Bathrooms 1.5 2.0 N/A 2.0 1.5

Primary Heat Source Central Gas Central Electric Central Gas Central Gas Central Gas
† Estimate if the homeowner had bundled coverages.

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Standard Ohio Homeowners Insurance Coverage

A standard homeowners insurance policy typically offers two kinds of coverage Ð property and liability. Here's what each includes:

Property coverage

  • Dwelling: In most standard Ohio homeowner insurance policies this coverage replaces or repairs your home if it's damaged by a covered peril.
  • Other Structures: Protects structures on your property besides your home such as detached garages, sheds, fences, etc.
  • Contents/Personal Property: Reimburses you if the personal property inside your home is damaged in a covered peril or theft. Residents of Toledo, Akron, and Cincinnati should know that their cities have higher per capita burglary rates than the U.S. norm, according to the 2012 FBI Report on Offenses Known to Law Enforcement. You may need to purchase extra coverage for collectibles, art or expensive jewelry.
  • Loss of Use: In the event your home is damaged by a covered peril, Loss of Use coverage can help in paying for alternative accommodations and living expenses while your home is uninhabitable.

Liability coverage

These come into play if someone is hurt on your property:

  • Personal Liability Protection: Offers help with your legal expenses and any potential judgment if the injured plans to sue.
  • Medical Payments: It the injured party doesn't want to sue, medical payments coverage offers help with medical expenses.

Besides occasional severe weather, Ohio is relatively safe from natural disasters. In fact, Akron, Dayton and Cleveland have all been named in the Top 10 Safest U.S. Cities from Natural Disasters by CBSNews.com. But even though Ohio is safe from many natural disasters, there are weather threats that can plague the state. Standard home insurance policies protect homes from wind, fire, hail, and lightning damage, however, standard Ohio homeowners insurance policies do not offer coverage for flood damage.

Remember all the flood victims in the Northeast when Superstorm Sandy hit? Many homeowners were without flood insurance and many of them weren't even located in flood plains. It goes to show that every homeowner should at least consider purchasing a flood insurance policy. Ohio homeowners can purchase flood policies through the National Flood Insurance Program and if you want to check and see if your community lies in a flood hazard zone, then visit FEMA's website.

Get familiar with your current policy and see what perils are covered and which are not. An adjustment in coverage may be necessary to keep your home fully protected.

Want most information on insurance in the state of Ohio? Visit the Ohio Department of Insurance website.

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