Tornado Preparation and Planning

Tornados offer a very small window of warning time before they strike which, combined with high wind potential, makes them one of the most difficult natural disasters to prepare for.

U.S. tornados typically strike in the mid-western part of the country however they can strike anywhere and without notice. Tornado wind speed can exceed 300 miles per hour which often means devastating effects for homes, businesses and sometimes entire communities.

Tornado preparation for your family:

  • Have a family and pet evacuation plan
  • If there is no time to evacuate, teach your children to find shelter in a basement or low lying structure in the event of a tornado
  • Create a disaster supply kit and have it packed and ready to go at a moment's notice.

Tornado preparation for your home:

  • When building a new home or making renovations, talk to a building inspector about current building codes that can help your home sustain tornado damage
  • Do regular, thorough inspections of your windows, doors, roof and gables to repair any damaged or weak areas
  • Avoid gravel driveways and walkways and opt for bark alternatives
  • Keep trees and shrubbery well-pruned to avoid damage from falling/flying limbs

Is it covered?

Wind damage is typically covered under a standard home insurance policy. Contact your agent for specific coverage information on your policy.