I’m planning on buying a dog, do I need to tell my insurance company?

You don’t necessarily have to tell your insurance company that you bought a dog, but it would be good to call them to inquire if they have any particular breeds that they do not cover. Most insurance companies have a list of dog breeds that have been determined to be more likely to “attack.” It is not a slight on that breed, just viewed by the insurance company as more of a liability risk than they are willing to cover. As a result many companies will not insure a property with that specific breed or mix of that breed.

The best thing to do is to discuss it with your agent and see if the dog you are planning on buying will be eligible. If not, then you would want to either consider another type of dog or look for a different insurance company that does not have that breed on their list. Here is more information on the insurance companies that we work with for you to view.

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