Does the type of flooring I have affect the cost of my home insurance?

Yes and no. Home insurance premiums are determined by a long list of factors that include, among many other things, the specifications of the home. While the flooring itself does not immediately affect the cost of your home insurance, it is considered when calculating how much it would cost to rebuild the home in the event of a total loss. This figure is known as replacement cost which then determines the dwelling limit, or Coverage A, on your policy. A home with custom features will typically require a higher replacement cost than a home with mostly standard features. For example, a home with custom bamboo flooring will cost more to rebuild than a home with mostly carpet. Since Coverages B, C and D (Other Structures, Personal Property and Loss of Use) are percentages of Coverage A, the total cost of the policy will be higher for a home with a higher replacement cost.

Most insurance agents utilize detailed cost estimators that take the information you provide (sq ft, construction type, number of bathrooms, location, etc) and return the replacement cost. The agent then knows how much coverage you need and can complete the policy. It’s important to have the right amount of coverage for your home so make sure to provide your licensed agent with as many details as you can when reviewing your policy.

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